Support/Document verification

Trusted Carrier Support

Welcome and thank you for joining the Trusted Carrier Support!

To make sure the transport industry can trust the Trusted Carrier seal we have to ensure that the provided data is correctly verified. Here you find introductions to all vehicle components on what and how to verify.

How to verify a vehicle component:

  1. Open the Trusted Carrier platform with your support access
  2. Open the list with the vehicle components to be verified
  3. Choose a vehicle component
  4. Open all the documents uploaded for this specific vehicle component
  5. Choose the matching instruction for your chosen vehicle componentand start verifiying:

Driving components:

  Semi truck / Zugmaschine             

Truck / Motorwagen (Chassis)           

Truck / Motorwagen (Tank)             

Truck / Motorwagen (Gas)               

Truck / Motorwagen (Silo)               

Trailer components:

Hänger (Chassis)             

Hänger (Plane)                 

Hänger (Koffer)                 

Hänger (Thermo)