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Trusted Carrier

The digital interface for quality-assured logistics data.

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Our mission

Onetime data input. Centralized verification of the data. Validated digital data. From the cloud. Always up to date and accessible.

Your requests…

For every transport forwarders and transportation partners have to perform a series of inefficient steps which slow down the processes and unnecessarily occupy time & resources. Using Trusted Carrier you will be avoiding unnecessary efforts. 

 …our motivation

Our Services

The Trusted Carrier Suite


The mobile app for truck drivers to improve check-ins


Vehicle master data management


Industry specific company profile and distinctive characteristics of the transport partners

The Trusted Carrier Services provide verified digital data of the transport partners directly in the systems of your customers. For a faster and more secure handling with efficient documentation.  To make the wheels roll and let the drivers drive.

For key industries we develop special additional functionalities which address their special requirements – for example the CTC Chemical Trusted Carrier for the chemical industry.

Our key principles

Guaranteed data integrity

Strict data safety

Value based

No investments in software and technology

Non-discriminatory access

Open API & collaborative plugin design

Cloud based services

Ready to use

Easy to use

Governed by shareholder agreement of partners

Flexible grow-as-you-go integration

Online support