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Check List:

  1. Vehicle type and vehicle owner

  2. Licence plate and nationality
  3. VIN
  4. Max. weight (kg)
  5. Empty weight (kg)
  6. General inspection
  7. Confirm/reject asset 

Necessary when opening each new document:

  • It is very important to check at the beginning if the licence plate is the same on all uploaded documents.
  • Everything that is written thickly on the Check List are mandatory fields for the carrier and always have to verified. Other fields are optional and only need to be verified when filled out.
  • Next to each filled out field in Asset is a number in brackets. Under Document Management, the individual documents are numbered. You will always find the data to be checked in the document with the matching number. 

1. Vehicle type and vehicle owner 

Open under the tab “Document management” in Asset the document with the matching number.

The document should look like the example image on the left, the vehicle registration certificate (Fahrzeugschein).

You find the vehicle owner in the fields C1.1-C1.3.

The vehicle type can be found in field 4 or 5. 

2. Licence plate and nationality 

In the same document vehicle registration certificate (-> Fahrzeugschein) check the conformity of the licence plate number in field A and the nationality with the data provided.

3. VIN

In the same document vehicle registration certificate (-> Fahrzeugschein) in which you have just checked the conformity of the nationality and the number plate, you will also find the VIN number under the field E

The characters I, O and Q are not used in the VIN number because of the risk of confusion.

Check that the VIN number matches the one on the document.

4. Max. weight (kg)

The maximum permitted weight for the towing vehicle can also be found on the registration certificate document under under field F2.

Check whether the max. weight entered here also corresponds to that on the document. 


5. Empty weight (kg)

​​​​​​​You will also find the weight of the vehicle without load in field G on the vehicle registration certificate.

Repeat: The number next to the pdf sign, next to the field to be checked, is the number before the document to be checked. 

Check that the weight indicated corresponds to the weight on the document.

6. General inspection 

First of all, check whether the registration number on the uploaded document matches that of the asset.

Then check whether the date of the general inspection (Hauptuntersuchung = HU) entered matches the date on the uploaded document.

Important: The validity of the general inspection ends with the last day of the month. In the example on the left, the validity ends with the 31st of January.

7. Confirm/ reject Asset 

If all the specified data matches the data on the documents, then the whole asset can be released via the button. 

If only one piece of information is wrong, the entire asset must be rejected

If an asset has to be rejected because of one or more incorrect items, be sure to list all incorrect items under Reason for rejection