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Welcome to Trusted Carrier!

The following instructions will help you fill out the vCard, the trusted business card for transportation partners. If you do not have an account yet, you can register here.

After signing up, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Simply follow the instructions in the email. After that you can edit your vCard. The following instructions and FAQ might be helpful. If you have any questions, just contact us! Good luck with filling out the vCard.

#1 Login

Now you should have confirmed your sign up (click on link in welcome email). Log in here.

In the following, two important topics will be covered:


  • Which information is required to obtain the TC status
  • and what use the other information has.

#2 TC status – Why?

vCard is not only a virtual business card containing relevant information about your company, but the basis for a community where transparency prevails and verified participants can trust each other. Transport partners who have achieved TC status guarantee that they are trustworthy, reliable and competent. Once your company has achieved TC status, the TC logo will appear in color.

Click on the exclamation mark next to “Edit vCard” to view which information is (still) required.

#3 TC status – Required data

After clicking the exclamation mark (next to “Edit vCard”), you will see the list of required information, as well as which of these requirements have already been met. If a green checkmark appears next to all list items, your vCard meets all requirements.

#3.1 TC status – Required data – Data about the company

The first category of required information is “Company”. You can find and complete this in the “General” section.

In the left column you can upload a profile picture (e.g. your logo), write a meaningful description of your company and link your website. Please note that the website must be entered in the “https://www.” format so that a preview of the website is possible.

In the right column only the area “Ust.-IdNr” can be filled in. It should be noted that a valid document, which can be used to prove the information, must be uploaded.

The area “Company details” has already been filled in during registration. The data can be changed in the admin area. To do this, go to Home (top left in the blue bar), then “Admin” or click on “TC vCard” in the top right-hand corner and then “Admin.

#3.2 TC status – Required data – Contact person

To obtain TC status, a contact person is also required. Details such as name, phone number, role and email address are required.

Please make sure in particular that you enter a valid and actively used e-mail address, as the contact person entered will receive an automatic e-mail with a confirmation link. Only when the contact person confirms that he or she is really available as a contact person, the green checkmark will appear in the list with the required information on the TC status.

#3.3 TC status – Required data – Transport licenses

For TC status, a community license or road haulage permit is required. Please note that a valid document proving the details must be uploaded.

By clicking on “Add license” you can add up to 5 licenses.

#4 TC status – Verification of the data

After you have entered all the required information, click “Publish”. Our team will check the accuracy of the information and validate your vCard.

If all the required information is correct, you will receive the TC status and with this you will become a trusted user of the vCard and, if applicable, of the other Trusted Carrier Module Asset and Wallet.

#5 Further data

In addition to the information required for TC status, we recommend that you also provide details of your branches, insurances and certificates. Likewise, details on your industry focus, if given, may be useful.

Begriffe / FAQ

The public vCard is visible to all participants, while the private one is only visible to those to whom you explicitly grant access. You can set whether a section is public or private using the switch button in the respective section. You can check your settings by calling the preview for your public or private vCard (lower left corner).

vCard is not only a virtual business card containing relevant information about your company, but the basis for a community where transparency prevails and verified participants can trust each other. Transport partners who have achieved TC status guarantee that they are trustworthy, reliable and competent.

By clicking on the exclamation mark in the yellow circle next to “Edit vCard”, you will be prompted for the necessary information.

Participants who have reached TC status will have a colorful logo. All others have a gray (no TC status yet) or red logo (TC status expired).

Trusted Carrier guarantees correct and reliable data – our team carefully verifies your uploaded documents to ensure the accuracy of the data.

The documents should clearly show that the information you submitted is correct. For example, you can upload the insurance confirmation or a scanned certificate. Please make sure that the documents are legible.

We process all requests as promptly as possible, but careful review is very important to us. Your vCard can be unlocked within a few hours. You can speed up the process by always making sure to upload legible and complete documents.

By clicking on “publish”. Please note here that you submit a vCard as completely filled out as possible for verification.

By clicking “save”, the data you have entered will be saved, but the vCard will not be transmitted for verification. If you have entered all the required information, you can have your vCard checked by clicking on “publish”. If you have not entered any information that requires verification when updating your vCard, this information will be displayed directly in your vCard by clicking on “publish”.

The URL of your website must have the format “https://”. Only “www.” is not enough.

As soon as one of the prerequisites for the TC status is no longer valid. The TC logo (under “TC status”) turns gray again in this case.

Example: The insurance has expired. To avoid any inconvenience and to give you enough time to update the data, you will be notified before the insurance expires and reminded to update the insurance details. In this case, you would need to enter the expiration date of the new insurance and upload a supporting document. Then click “publish” and our team will review the updated data. Of course, if the data was submitted in time (i.e. before it expires), you will not lose your TC status.

Green: Data available and confirmed/validated.

Yellow: Data available but not yet confirmed/validated.

Red: Data incorrect/expired.