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Our Services

The Trusted Carrier Suite


The mobile app for truck drivers to improve check-ins


Vehicle masterdata management


Industry specific company profile and distinctive characteristics of the transport partners

Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for the Trusted Carrier Services.

Example: chemical industry

The Trusted Carrier Services provide verified digital data of the transport partners directly in the systems of your customers – for a faster and more secure handling with efficient documentation.  To make the wheels roll and let the drivers drive.

For key industries we develop special additional functionalities which address their special requirements – for example the CTC Chemical Trusted Carrier for the chemical industry.


Master data on demand: organised, verified, anywhere

Manage the master data of your vehicles centrally and be able to provide them whenever and whereever needed. We verify the data and guarantee for their integrity. 


Bits of paper everywhere? In 2022? Yes, but digital on the smart phone!

How much time does it take to check all driver and vehicle documents? – With Wallet not even a second!

Via Wallet, the driver app, all needed and obligatory documents can be provided.  

Promptly. Easy. No detours.


The convincing and reliable business card for transport partners.

Via vCard you can publish the profile of your company and permit your customers to easily find it. Connest with your partners and be convincing with your certificates, transportation licenses and insurances.

Trust is good, vCard is better!