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CTC Wallet Guide

We are pleased that you are interested in using the Chemical Trusted Carrier (CTC) Wallet driver app. By providing data digitally, we aim to reduce inconvenient processes at the counter and shorten waiting times.

Personal master data, such as ADR driver’s license number and validity, are entered in the app and can be marked as verified by authorized persons. Depending on the security level of the site, these may then no longer need to be presented each time. Process-related data, such as transport numbers, can already be entered before going to the counter and are then transferred automatically.


CTC Wallet complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and thus ensures the protection of your personal data.  The storage of your data is locally encrypted in the mobile device. Processing (e.g. in a QR code for registration at a location) occurs only after your explicit consent.

The fingerprint is only used to authorize data sharing and is never sent.

On mobile devices that do not have a biometrics function, logging in and data sharing is also possible by entering a password.

At the moment, the CTC Wallet app is only available for the Android operating system. The minimum version is the oldest version provided with security updates (currently: Android 8.1).

However, we are already working on an IOS version. This will be available in a few weeks.

When entering data, the data fields can display three different colors.

If the data fields are outlined in gray, data must still be entered or it is a box that can optionally be filled in.

If the data fields are outlined in green, the data has been entered in the correct format.

If the data fields are outlined in red, data is missing or the entry contains invalid values.

The vehicle data is accepted in capital letters only. Letters and numbers are connected by hyphens (-). Spaces are displayed as errors.